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La Martina Polo Score the Goal What better company to be the proud sponsor of the world's most momentous Polo Event, El Campeonato Argentino Abierto de Palermo' than La Martina, designer of high end casual attire for today’s man. We are going to sell our own licensed brands anymore. All of these brands have the best model branded man polos for 2016 Spring / Summer Season. We will continue to sell Aeronautica Militare, La Martina, Napapijri, Fred Perry, Paul Shark Outlet 2016 Season.
No matter what time of year it is, you will always see Team Argentina sporting short sleeve Polos de La Martina Shirts indoors or out. In the frigid winter months La Martina Polos with short sleeves can be worn indoors for casual attire while during the long hot days of summer they can be worn virtually anywhere. Polos La Martina are the perfect blend of casual and business attire so they can even be worn to the office during the day or at one of those trendy open air cafes in the evenings in Buenos Aires. Choose your team, choose your color and you’re good to go.